Home Assignment 2016



APRIL  We will be spending the month of April with Eva’s family in the Czech Republic.

MAY  We will be based in Harlingen, Texas, but we hope to make trips within the state to visit friends and ministry partners.

JUNE  Our road trip around the eastern U.S. visiting with ministry partners is tentatively scheduled for June.

JULY-AUGUST  We would like to spend the majority of our time in the summer with our family and church family in south Texas.


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We will be based in Harlingen, Texas from May through August. We are still looking for missionary housing for our family of six. If you are aware of housing availability or any contacts, please get in touch with us.


General Support

Living and traveling during our time in the U.S. will require additional expenses over and above our missionary salary coming from regular donor support. Tax-deductible contributions on our behalf can be made directly to AIM here. If you’d simply like to make a personal gift, a check can be mailed to us at our address in Texas, here. We’ve also created an Amazon.com wish list of items that will help us on our furlough and with our next term in Africa.



Our monthly support target continues to rise as our children enter school. Faithful donor support met our financial needs for our first three years on the field, but we are praying for new donors or amended pledges from current supporters so that we may continue at RVA for another term of service. Certain ministry costs will also rise as we take on the new responsibility of dorm parenting twenty high school boys. We are currently about $1,200 per month short of the support we will need during our next three-year term. Click the hand icon, or here, if you would like to set up a one-time or recurring (tax-deductible) contribution to our ministry. Ministry partners: If you would like to alter your pledge amount, please email us at matt.hansen@aimint.org



Our smartphones allow us to stay in touch with each other here in Africa, but more importantly, they’ve allowed us to remain closely connected with many of you through text messaging, email, Skype, and social media. We’ve been very happy with the second-hand iPhone 4s’s we currently use, but we feel the need to upgrade before our return to Africa for another three years. If you have recently upgraded yourself and are willing to part with your previous iPhone still in good condition, we would certainly put  it to good use.



We have already begun receiving funds to purchase a vehicle for our family in Kenya. The price will be roughly $25,000 US dollars. Vehicle prices are high in Kenya due to the fact that most cars and SUVs are imports from Japan, and vehicles tend not to lose their value, even after many years. It will need to be purchased locally in Kenya since, unlike the U.S., steering is on the right-hand side of the car. We will need a minivan or SUV to accommodate our family of six and navigate the rougher Kenyan roads and terrain. In addition to facilitating grocery-shopping trips to Nairobi, a vehicle will allow us to participate more fully in African ministries outside of RVA, especially during our month-long trimester breaks. Click the car icon, or here, to make a tax-deductible contribution to this fund.

Mailing Address in Texas:

Matt & Eva Hansen
PO Box 533639
Harlingen, TX  78553