The Wicked Witch of the Heart

C.S. Lewis is a master storyteller. When I was young, I probably appreciated his stories more for the action and fantasy. Now, I appreciate reading his fictional stories for the same reason that I enjoy reading Lewis’ non-fiction: He gives … Continue reading

More Than Conquerors

One of RVA’s themes this year has been superheroes. Our student planner notebooks featured quotes from comic books, and for our Titchie Field Day, we dressed up in our favorite superhero costumes. We all have a fascination with these characters. … Continue reading

“The Rest of the Story….”

After coming here to Africa a year and a half ago, I heard something in the African church that I haven’t heard very often since my days in high school youth group. Perhaps you can help me remember how it … Continue reading

Sharing More Than Stuff

by Matt Hansen This chapel message was shared with the RVA student body on January 23, 2015 We talk a lot about sharing in our house. We have four kids below six under our roof, and we’ve collected a number … Continue reading


This post was written to create a model of descriptive writing for my sixth grade students at Rift Valley Academy. Ever since we moved to Africa, my son, Adam, has been obsessed with chameleons. These harmless creatures cover the school … Continue reading

Personal Narrative: “A Walk on the Wild Side”

I wrote this account of one of our family’s recent adventures in order to model personal narrative writing for my sixth grade students at the Rift Valley Academy. “Management is not responsible for injury or death resulting from wild animal … Continue reading

A White Christmas After All

We didn’t expect to have any white Christmases now that we have moved to the southern hemisphere where summer is winter and winter is summer. In addition, we are only about 60 miles south of the equator and the seasonal … Continue reading

“If you believe, you will receive.”

“When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” -Luke 18:8 The Lord certainly found faith in the person of George Müller, director of the Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol England in the 19th century. Last … Continue reading

What’s so “Supa” about the “Duka”?

The Kijabe mission station in Kenya has been in existence for over 100 years. A large number of missionaries live and work here at the Rift Valley Academy for missionary children, Kijabe Hospital (Africa Inland Church), or Moffat Bible College. … Continue reading

Mai Mahiu: Place of the Unreached

Mai Mahiu is only 7 miles away from our home in Kijabe, Kenya, but it takes us at least half an hour to get there. The road is only partially paved, and the sections that are not descend by twists … Continue reading