Stories in the African Savannah

Last weekend was spent at a men’s retreat near Naivasha, Kenya. It was a spiritual retreat where we focused on the importance of storytelling in African ministry. Many African tribes communicate truth primarily through oral stories, and our own personal testimony can leave a deep impression on people.

We had the opportunity to listen to the testimony and stories of an African pastor who ministers to his own tribe, the Dorobo. He said that it is helpful to learn the stories of the people and relate them to the Bible. We learned one such story about the way his people believe God communicates with his people.

A Rope Reaching to Heaven

sky-rope-wallpaperAccording to tradition, God created a tree, and it was connected to Heaven with a rope. God would use this lifeline to deliver animals to his people. Different tribes have different versions of the story, but somehow, the cord was cut. This account is rife with symbolism, and it is not difficult to connect it to the biblical Creation story. Because of sin, our connection to God has been cut. The missionary only has to share how now, through Christ, the relationship has been mended.

Below are some photos of the retreat. I can only take credit for a handful of them. (They may take a moment to load on the mobile site.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing the story about the rope. It is amazing how God provides a way to share His truth.

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