The Alagwa: Cursed of Ham?

the-alagwa-of-tanzaniaOne of the privileges of being on staff at the Rift Valley Academy is having front row seats to what God is doing among the people groups in Africa. Each week, we are introduced to and pray for a different unreached people group. This week, we are praying for the Alagwa people of Tanzania. It is one thing to read about the Alagwa on the internet, but it is quite another to pray for them knowing they are only a few hundred miles away.


Noah cursing Ham

Sadly, the Alagwa believe that they are, as a people, living under the Curse of Ham, a traditional belief that has been used to justify African slavery for centuries.  The Joshua Project fact sheet reads:

“The Wasi (Alagwa) believe they are descendant from Habesh, a son of the 10th generation of Ham. Many believe that they are still living out Noah’s curse to his second son. Tradition also tells of their travels to the city of Mecca. The Wasi retell the story about being rejected by the people of Mecca because they had no religion. They were not yet Muslim and still worshipped in the way of their ancestors. Perhaps this is why they later embraced Islam so wholeheartedly that today over 90 percent of the people follow the teachings of Mohammed.”

Please pray with us for the Alagwa of Tanzania. They need to know that God did not mark them out specially as an accursed people group. The fact is, we are all under a curse because of our sin. The only hope any of us have is through the One who bore that curse for us on the tree at Calvary.

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